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More About Waist Chain

From Kamarbandhs to Real Belts: What to Wear Around Your Waist with a Lehenga!


We should thank our South Indian brides for starting the custom of wearing something around your waist in addition to your lehenga! But it's not only restricted to antiques and gold. There are so many alternatives, from trendy waist belts for the wedding to flower jewellery ones for the Mehendi, that not only look amazing but also hold your dupatta in place!


The Traditional Waist Belt, or Kamarbandh


South Indian brides look stunning wearing their customary gold waist belts, and you may wear a lehenga to complete the ensemble! Just make sure the jewellery you'll be wearing complements the design on your kamarbandh. Jewelry with a gold finish should also have jewellery with a gold or kundan or polki finish.


current waist belt


There are a tonne of gorgeous contemporary waist belts made by new-age designers that appear elegant and distinctive at the same time! It's an intriguing wedding item to wear!


Discreet belt that secures the dupatta


To highlight your small waist, consider using a belt that mixes in with the lehenga and complements it precisely while also holding the dupatta in place.


flimsy chain


When worn with a saree or a lehenga, thin chains also make excellent waist belts for brides! Elegant but very simple!


Belt of Zardozi


A zardozi belt, whether it contrasts with the dress or is subtle, looks beautiful and gives it a touch of majesty.


Belt, leather


Wearing a leather belt with the lehenga is a subtle approach to stand out from the crowd if you want to be an unconventional bride but don't want a drastically different appearance. Pick out a unique buckle for your belt to make a statement.


Bum Chain


If worn correctly, a belly chain also looks quite elegant with a lehenga! Choose a simple or ornate one; it doesn't really matter where you wear it, though!


adornment around the waist


The way you wear it is also fairly traditional; think of the home keys that were once dangling from fancy keychains.


Belt with floral jewellery


Since a while ago, floral jewellery has been popular for Mehendis, and if you want to go for the whole aesthetic, waist belts are also an option.


Material Belt


A single cloth fibre being wonderful! Cool concept, huh?


Belt, pearl or kundan


As a bridal waist item, a simple string of pearls or kundan also looks fantastic!


Do you want to attempt this trend, then?





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