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More About Tant Saree

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We all know that tant is a highly popular style of saree that is often worn by Bengali ladies in Bangladesh and West Bengal. These sarees are often woven in Murshidabad, Nadia, Dhaka, Tangail, and Hoogly, among other locations. The lightness and transparency of this saree, which is intended for everyday wear, make it the most ideal and pleasant garment to wear in the hot and muggy Indian atmosphere. Tant and muslin rose to fame during the Mughal era, but rumour has it that the British government attempted to kill out this business in order to save Manchester's textile sector.

However, we can proudly state that it has not been damaged at all; in fact, it is one of the Bengali people's most demanding saree varieties. Weavers employed handlooms in the past, but power looms eventually took their place. These sarees frequently include thick, tastefully made borders and lovely pastel colours. Tant's predominant design elements are floral and paisley, which give it a laid-back but elegant appearance. This saree was worn by the heroines in several Bengali films to give them an authentic appearance. Following is a discussion of the many styles of tant sarees that are offered on the market:


Cotton Tan Batik


This style of tant saree, which features floral patterns on the body and anchal, is quite popular. This clothing's beauty is greatly enhanced by the colour contrast between the patterns and the dominant hue. These sarees come in a variety of hues, with pink, red, blue, and orange being among the most popular. Without any doubt, any Bengali woman may enhance her beauty by wearing a saree made of batik cotton.


Tant, Tussur


Most of us are more familiar with tussar silk than with tant, however swarajshop also has Tussur Tant sarees. These sarees have a body that is a single colour with floral or other lovely patterns on the border and anchal. White, blue, and pale orange are the popular colours that are readily accessible and look well on everyone.


Printed Tant Shop


With its understated designs, mostly on the white canvas of the saree, Printed Tant Boutique may make a woman seem stunning. It might be a standout pick for any stylish lady because to the range of flower motifs and lovely scenery designs combined with superb colour combinations. This saree's eye-pleasing appearance may truly make an impression at all kinds of informal gatherings. Don't be afraid to give it a try and see what reactions you receive from your loved ones.


Stylish Tant


Any kind of designer saree is like a custom solution created by a fashion designer. The same is true with Designer Tant sarees. The body is painted with various hues, including green, brown, white, blue, and others, before the ideal design is put into practise to give it a good appearance. This sort of saree comes in a broad range of styles, from fashionable scenery designs to floral motifs. One of these designer tant sarees has a good probability of giving the wearer a taste of several tant saree styles.


Care and Maintenance


  • Before the first wash, soak the saree in warm, rock-salted water.
  • Starch is used after gentle cleaning with detergents.
  • After washing, hang them to dry in a shady place.
  • Sarees may take on a fresh appearance with the help of Charak tant.






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