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Indian ladies have a long-standing habit of having their noses pierced. Since nose rings are not subject to the same restrictions as mangalsutras and are the mandatory decoration for married women in India, it is worn by both married and single women.


The 16th century is when nose pins first became popular. Nose pin ornamentation is more than simply a fashion statement; there are several myths and scientific explanations behind it.


Because the vein in the left nostril is related to the female reproductive system, wearing a nose pin boosts the fertility of women.


There are several myths surrounding nose rings; in India, wearing one is also seen as paying homage to Goddess Parvati. On the other side, it is also said that the size of nose pins indicates the wealth and position of a woman's family; the larger the nose pin, the wealthier the family.


In India, nose rings come in a variety of styles and names depending on the region and the local religion.


Shikarputi Nath is the most well-known Nath in Punjab, nathuri is the name of the traditional Rajasthani Nath, tehri Nath or nathuli is the traditional nose ring in Uttarakhand, Maharashtrian Nath is the name of the traditional nose ornament in Maharashtra, mukuthi or mukkutti is the name of the traditional nose ornament in Karnataka, pullaku is the name of the traditional nose ornament in Tamil Nadu,


One of the most common types of accessories, nose rings are virtually always worn by women. Modern nose rings, nose studs, nose hoops, and septum rings come in a wide variety of styles and patterns.


The following are the most popular styles of nose pins right now:


Every woman adores diamonds, and American diamond nose pins are a good alternative to real diamond nose pins. There are several styles of American diamond septum rings, hoops, and nose rings available. Everyone's favourite contemporary trend among girls is this one.


Tribal nose pins or silver-German nose pins are other names for oxidised nose pins, which are also available. Oxidized nose jewellery is now upending the fashion market. If you want to get that fusion appearance, this is your best option. At Swarajshop, oxidised nose rings come in a variety of patterns.


Wedding nose rings (Dulhan Nath):


Wedding nose rings are available in a variety of sizes and patterns. Most frequently, a simple golden chain that extends up to the hair is used to attach wedding nose rings. There are kundan, diamonds, and antique gold bridal nose rings available.


Septum Nose Rings: 


If you want to make a dramatic statement, this is the ideal nose ring for you. Septum nose rings are the most popular fashion item in western nations. Pullaku, or septum rings, are worn by women in South India.


Maharashtrian Nath: 


It is often formed of red and green coloured stones in the centre, along with pearls, gold, and diamonds. They give off a very authentic Maharashtrian appearance since they hang all the way down to the lips from the nose.


Young ladies are wearing nose rings made by Sania Mirza in increasing numbers. It is a single ring with stones on it, and it is quite cute. It works best for everyday use and is appropriate for casual clothing.


The current selection of bridal nose rings, diamond nose rings, oxidised nose rings, antique gold finish nose rings, and septum nose rings are available at Swarajshop. We pledge to offer a chic selection of trendy jewellery at a reasonable price. Have fun shopping!


Questions and Answers

How do nose rings work?


A nose ring is jewellery that is worn in the cartilage of the nose after being pierced through it. For fashionistas, there are also non-pierced nose rings on the market. Although there are many other types of nose piercings, the nostril piercing is the most popular. Due to the fact that many individuals also wear nose rings in the septum, septum piercing is also very common.


Why do women in India wear nose rings?


In Indian culture, wearing jewellery is extremely important and has diverse meanings in various regions and clans. The Solah Shringar tradition requires the women to wear nose rings during their wedding. A nose ring is both a token of honour for the Indian goddess Parvati and an accessory that enhances a woman's appearance. These nose rings, known as "naths" in India, are frequently intricate, weighty, and have inheritance potential. Another aspect of nose rings is that, in accordance with Indian Ayurvedic medicine, a hole in a woman's nostril aids in pain relief during birthing.


What styles of nose jewellery are available?


There are two types of nose jewellery that may be pierced: nose studs and nose rings. For various nose ring designs, the ones with a simple metal ring in a circular shape, the ones with a stick, gold traditional nose rings, the designs with diamonds and gemstones, the ones with pearls and gold beads, the ones with flower motifs, Silver nose rings with crystals, oxidised nose rings with solitaire diamond or stone, and heavy Nath style nose rings with traditional tribal motifs are some of the more popular designs worn by women in India.


What kinds of nose rings are there?


Nostril screw style, nose bone stud style, straight barbell shaped nose ring, curved barbell shaped nose ring, L-shaped one, captive bead ring, hoop style, and horse-show shaped nose rings are the most prevalent forms of nose rings to be seen. These specific types of nose rings can be worn in various places on the nose, depending on where the piercing was made.


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