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More About Kanjeevaram Saree

Various New Kanchipuram/Kanjivaram Silk Saree styles


The focus of today's topic is Kanchipuram Silk Sarees. Kanchipuram, a city in southern India, became well-known for its distinctive silk saree weaving around 400 years ago. These sarees are now referred to as Kanchipuram Silk Sarees or Kanjivaram Silk Sarees.




These sarees are made of a pure silk fabric made from mulberry silk and woven in Gujarati zari, which has silver wire that has been gold-plated to give the cloth its distinctive and opulent pure silk and gold weave appearance.


This unique silk weave and the heavyweight are characteristics of sarees from Kanchipuram.


Patterns like temple borders, checks and stripes, flowers, and paisley are particularly popular, and coin design motifs also give kanjivaram sarees a symbolic appearance.


The major design element of these sarees is also its borders, which are woven individually and are covered in gold zari, which completely contrasts with the rest of the fabric.


Another crucial element that joins the pallu part with the body segment is the temple boundaries.


The majority of South Indian women use this as their wedding saree clothing since it is a rich, thick saree that is ideal for such occasions.


The traits listed above will help you recognise Kanchipuram sarees when you need to buy them, and they will direct you to stores where you may get these fine silk sarees.




Kanchipuram silk sarees are distinguished by their allure via their extensive range of designs and hues that satisfy various tastes. Even for the younger generation, pattern and colour combinations have evolved even if the sarees have maintained their traditional techniques. Everyone may appear beautiful in Kanchipuram silk saris, whether they are young or elderly. Here are the top 5 Kanchipuram silk saree patterns that we have compiled for you.




The saree features a zigzag border that is attached to a contrast woven border or a zari border with a foundation of one colour.




They are distinguished by the temple borders (triangular or zigzag) pattern around the edge of the saree or between the pallu and the body section.




To create the ideal Kanchipuram modern saree, the newest kinds of patterns and designs are combined, and colours other than the traditional ones are used.




The classic ones are distinguished by their lovely checks, coin or chakra designs, temple borders, and traditional hues. They are typically used for puja and weddings as a bridal saree.




We all adore them, which may have floral or paisley patterns strewn throughout the saree's body and a zari pallu.




Silk sarees are the best possible choice for an Indian wedding. Modern traits highlight both the boldness of women and their historical origins, profoundly ingrained in Indian cultural past. When you make adjustments, your aura as a woman becomes more pronounced and brilliant. It also appears bigger and more wonderful. Look at these lovely sarees made of kanjeevaram silk for an upcoming wedding.


Beige sari from the Kanchipuram foundation:


If you wear this robe to this silk saree Kanchipuram, you'll look exquisite. The saree's base colour is beige with a white-faded tone, and the transparent block patterns are framed by reddish-golden zari work. This is the ideal opportunity to exhibit your bravery and femininity.


Kanchipuram pure golden silk saree:


The golden yellow colour of this silk saree from Kanchipuram perfectly captures the essence of golden light. On saree, intricate sticking designs are produced, and until you look closely, you can't tell the difference. Combine it with a gold blouse, but in a colour that is paler than the saree. If you are wearing a patterned shirt or stonework, it is preferable to make them look a little more exquisite.


Kanchipuram silk saree in orange:


This saree embodies the same mood and combines the vivacious yellow with the energising red. The entire length of the saree is covered in polygonally dotted booti, providing it a spectacular appearance. The saree's border also has an orange zari with intricate motifs.


Kanchipuram silk saree in purple:


The saree is the ideal option for a wedding night because of its gorgeous purple and pure golden colour combination. The saree's whole body is decorated with intricate and delicate motifs, and the border is almost an inch thick. You will have two long golden zari on the two sides of the designs on the edge of your model. Gold jewellery completes the saree's golden sparkle.


Kanchipuram silk saree in magenta:


In conclusion, this saree is impossible to ignore at first glance. The beauty of the sari is displayed in rectangular block designs scattered across it. Genuine mulberry silk in a rich magenta colour makes up the fabric. The entire piece is decorated with golden stick works, and a substantial zari-golden border has been added. Make sure the clichés over your shoulder shrink, revealing only the ideal boundary. They become more ethnically appealing as a result.


Gorgeous Red Kanjivaram Silk Saree for a Wedding:


Short-sleeved shirts and flowers attached to the long cascadery hair will make everyone's eyes pop out of their heads. Since the saree already has a dazzling golden look, try to limit the use of sparkling stones. They will appear crowded and troubled if they have too many jewels. You now have a little silk sap-inspired zari weaving in a glossy red hue over a matte red silk fabric. The border, which is quite crimson, has a golden zari that is one inch thick.


Kanchipuram silk saree in sea green:


This silk saree from Kanchipuram has a beautiful colour combination, making it the perfect wedding party for the evening. A pattern block and sparkly circles are woven across the whole saree body. The border features two designs; the inner is lined with reddish-gold zari, while the outside is bordered with wrought. You won't have to frantically rummage through your closet for the blouse piece because it will be included with the saree.


Silk saree in parrot green:


The saree has a full-body sticking design, and the inch-wide rim is constructed of a silk fabric with a leafy green pattern. The entire saree's fabric is woven with glossy parrot green thread. Since the base is matte green, there isn't much colour contrast. Either a warm red robe or a baby pink sticky blouse can be worn with this saree. Your attire will be complete once you pair it with the substantial jewellery. To keep saree plates, the belt can also be inserted.


Kanjeevaram silk saree in yellow


Take a look at this magnificent silk saree, which features a bright and gorgeous yellow colour. Its designs are fantastic and gorgeous as well. In addition, the yellow colour is unusual and eccentric in and of itself. 


Kanchipuram Saree in maroon:


The saree is made dreamy and lovely by the combination of the maroon and gold zari border. Make sure to embellish yourself with big stones to improve your beauty. This Kanchipuram silk saree goes well with whichever outfit you choose.


There are several other new saree design varieties that combine all of the aforementioned. Another crucial element is that the weaving is what distinguishes a Kanchipuram Silk Saree from a Kanjivaram Silk Saree. Furthermore, because they are genuine silk sarees, the identical item with two distinct names appears to be unique.






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