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More About Kalamkari Saree

15 Classic Kalamkari Saree Designs for a Stylish Look


India's traditional hand-print cotton saree style is known as kalamkari. The term Kalamkari is derived from two Persian words: Kalam, which means pen, and Kari, which means workmanship. Kalamkari is the name for the practise of pen sketching. The Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are where the Kalamkari sarees are made. Only natural dyes are used in kalamkari to create the prints. There are 23 phases in the process of printing a Kalamkari saree. There are now 2 primary locations in India where Kalamkari is produced. In Andhra Pradesh, two are Srikalahasti (Chittoor district) and Machilipatanam (Krishna district). Since saris did well in the Indian fashion business, the word "kalamkari" has become fashionable. These Indian block-printed cotton sarees are the product of excellent craftsmanship. Kalamkari sarees come in a variety of styles, and you can buy them both offline and online. Here are some gorgeous and modern Kalamkari sarees.


A Kalamkari saree's significance


  • The primary material utilised to create Kalamkari prints is water.
  • Kalamkari art can take the form of painting or printing.
  • Natural and organic colours are utilised to create Kalamkari patterns.
  • Sarees and paintings made at Kalamkari were exported abroad for trade and commerce.
  • All age groups and occasions can wear kalamkari sarees.
  • On cotton or silk fabric, the Kalamkari print is created with a tamarind pen and organic colours.


Features of Kalamkari Sarees:


  • The exquisite artistry of Indian craftsmen is seen in kalamkari saris.
  • It is the ideal fusion of style and tradition, followed by contemporary fashion.
  • There is a large selection of Kalamkari saris in various designs and materials.
  • Since natural dyes and colours are employed, kalamkari sarees do not fade with washing.
  • When it comes to Kalamkari fabric, there is a great likelihood of shrinkage. Dry cleaning is thus preferable.
  • Kalamkari sarees have distinctive hues and patterns.


Latest Kalamkari Saree Collections


Silk Sarees with Kalamkari:


For women seeking style and refinement, Kalamkari silk sarees are ideal. Kalamkari designs add a distinctive look to cotton and silk saris. These block-printed sarees are comfortable to wear and are simple to wear. Normal hand washing might cause the cloth to shrink, thus for best results, use a dry or petrol wash.


Cotton Saree with Kalamkari:


On a fine cotton fabric, a Kalamkari cotton saree features an eye-catching block pattern called Kalamkari dyeing. Please make sure to dry wash the saree because there is a potential that it will shrink in the first wash. A cotton saree with Kalamkari embroidery is inexpensive and accessible to everybody. The prints are crafted by hand and feature a variety of patterns. These cotton saris are the ones with Kalamkari patterns that are most frequently seen.


Sarees with Kalamkari Crepe:


The Kalamkari Crepe saree is the ideal option to choose if you enjoy wearing light sarees. Crepe is an extremely thin fabric that, when worn, floats on your body. Skilled handloom specialists hand-print kalamkari crepe silk saris. To preserve the weaving features, avoid hand washing. Online retailers offer the finest selection of colours and pricing for Kalamkari crepe sarees.


Sarees with designer kalamkari:


For party wear sarees that are reasonably priced, designer Kalamkari sarees are in high demand. Designer sarees for party attire add a sense of unpretentious elegance. These hand-printed Kalamkari sarees are available in a variety of patterns and styles to give the cloth some individuality. Handwoven and handprint workmanship are both used to create designer Kalamkari saris.


Sarees with Kalamkari Prints:


These days, printed Kalamkari sarees are very popular. Even big supplies of printed Kalamkari fabrics are brought in to sew various outfit styles. Kurtis with kalamkari prints are a favourite among teens. At the greatest price, get sarees with kalamkari printing online. Be careful not to hand wash the saree as there is a potential that the cloth may shrink and the design or features will fade. If you need to wash your saree, choose either dry cleaning or gasoline washing.


Border Saris in Kalamkari:


Kalamkari pattu sarees are perfect for special occasions and everyday use. Raw silk cloth is used in the design of kalamkari pattu saris to give them that elegance and refinement. Pattu sarees with Kalamkari prints are widely available online and reasonably priced. These pattu sarees are an essential option for an event since they come in a variety of classic and modern patterns.


Hand-painted Kalamkari Sarees


Sarees with hand-painted Kalamkari patterns are for individuals who enjoy making a fashion statement. Talented and expert artisans hand-paint kalamkari saris. The saree's motifs and patterns are vividly coloured and colourful. Ancient mythical stories and images are shown in the paintings.


Georgette sarees with Kalamkari:


The Kalamkari georgette saree is another stylish saree that many saree fans adore. It is simple to drape and handle because to its lightweight texture. For individuals who like a slender appearance with the ideal curves and shape, try a georgette saree.


Sarees made of kalamkari chiffon


The floral designs on kalamkari chiffon sarees give the wearer an air of refinement and grace. These chiffon sarees are pretty reasonably priced. Chiffon saris with kalamkari prints are simple to drape. Since there is no risk of the cloth shrinking, they may be hand washed.


Sarees with Kalamkari Patchwork:


If you enjoy seeing patchwork with Kalamkari printing on it, get Kalamkari patchwork sarees. Typically, cotton sarees with Kalamkari patchwork are available. Any fans of cotton out there? Then add these patchwork kalamkari saris to your buying basket as the next item on your list. Avoid hand washing the cloth since the first wash may cause the intricacies to disappear. It is advised to dry clean for optimum outcomes.


Half-sarees in kalamkari:


Wearing a saree with a half-and-half pattern is fashionable today. Kalamkari half sarees are for individuals who like to add a dash of individuality to their wardrobe. With Kalamkari half saris, remember the memory of your hald saree glory days. Purchase them online at cheap costs with enticing promotions and savings.


Sarees made with Chanderi Kalamkari


A Chanderi Kalamkari saree will be purchased if you appreciate wearing pure silk sarees. The fabric used to create Chanderi Kalamkari saris comprises chanderi cotton, silk cotton, and pure silk. Chanderi sarees are originated from Madhya Pradesh. You must take special care when cleaning this kind of saree. Avoid washing your hands at all costs. Go to dry cleaning instead. The look of Chanderi Kalamkari sarees exudes regal majesty.


Sarees made with pedana kalamkari


As was already said, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are where Kalamkari sarees are first produced. The Kalamkari House of Pedana, Andhra Pradesh, offers wholesalers of Kalamkari saris of all varieties. These sarees include interesting patterns that seem like temple art.


15. Kerala Kalamkari Saree:


The pure cotton basis of the Kalamkari Kerala Saree makes it comfortable to wear throughout monsoon seasons. Kalamkari patterned Kerala cotton sarees are the favoured option if it is pouring outside and you're seeking for everyday clothing with ethnic prints on it.


How to Style a Kalamkari Saree: 


The more colours you can see on a saree, the more beautiful it will seem on you.

To achieve a lovely appearance, a vibrant saree can be worn with a brocade blouse in contrast.

Another method to wear your Kalamkari sari is with sarees that have embroidery work. Simply pair a Kalamkari saree with a blouse with a floral design to complete the look.

If the saree is simple, pair it with a blouse with a Kalamkari design in a variety of colours.

The greatest parts of you come out in kalamkari patterns. Despite being traditional sarees, their value in the current fashion business has not diminished. The fabric has a luxurious appearance because to the blending of Kalamkari works.






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