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More About Ilkal Saree

Silk and Cotton Sarees from Ilkal


Modern Ilkal saris include wonderful weaving!


The traditional clothing of Ilkal, a tiny town in India's Karnataka state that is situated in the south-east of Bagalkote district, features the most natural but bright hues. Although the winters here are lovely, the summers here are quite scorching. Kannada is used to communicate at this place. Famous handloom sarees came from the old weaving hub of Ilkal. The "Red Granite," which is shipped all over the world, is the major source of revenue for the locals, who have lived there for centuries. Ilkal sarees are a secondary source of income. The emergence of this saree was aided by the accessibility of local raw materials.


The saree's main body is decorated with patterns like stripes, rectangles, squares, or even just plain fabric. The Ilkal saree's pallu, which is often composed of red silk with white motifs, has designs of temple towers that show its continuing impact. The border of the saree is the major focal point, thus it is quite broad—between "4 and 6 inches"—and frequently uses contrast colours, which appears attractive. As a result, the saree's price rises due to decoration or embellishments, making it actually rather expensive. Borders come in three varieties: Gomi, Paraspet, and Gaadi. Pomegranate red, vivid peacock green, and parrot green are the traditional hues utilised.


Regarding the motifs taken from temple architecture, some well-known ones are the liga, gopura (temple tower), ratha (chariot), temple pond, lotus, animals, conch shell, and border motif depicting a field of crops waiting for harvest. The lengths of the Ilkal saree are 6, 8, and 9. Depending on the design and pattern, it might take anywhere from three to seven days to weave one exquisite saree on a handloom. High class women dress in Ilkal sarees as a fashion statement; these sarees come in two medium options: "Ilkal cotton" and "Ilkal silk."


The TOPE TENI method, which is solely utilised at Ilkal, is what distinguishes the Ilkal saree from other sarees. This technique joins the body warp with the pallu warp through a sequence of loops. Giri Kumkum, a specific hue connected to sindoor (a bindi is a red dot placed on the centre of the forehead), is used to make the sarees in the bridal wear line.


Ilkal sarees may be purchased at places like:


Ilkal pure silk saree (Silk x Silk) (Silk x Silk)

Ilkal cotton is pure.

Semi-cotton Ilkal silk (Cotton x Silk)

Ilkal rayon viscose (Art silk x Cotton)


Important Reminder


Checks pattern, often known as "Tirki" locally

Thick stripes are referred to as "Jabra."

The saree's length is:

There are traditional Ilkal sarees in


Approximately 6 yards (5.4 metres), 8 yards (7.3 metres), and 9 yards (8.2 metres), respectively.


How to recognise an authentic Ilkal saree:


  • You may get traditional Ilkal sarees in hues like red/green and yellow.
  • One can see checks, colourful stripes, squares, even plain and rectangles on the saree's main body.
  • There are motifs woven into the white temple towers on the saree's pallu (falling edge).
  • The saree's border is exceptionally wide, measuring between four and six inches.
  • The body warp and pallu warp are connected using the TOPE TENI method, as shown on the back of the saree by a sequence of loops.


Fabric care


  • If the saree is made of cotton, it can be washed in cold water.
  • Never let the saree soak or be bleached.
  • Use only gentle detergents.
  • Following the wash cycle, dry the fabric in the shade.
  • To remove creases, iron over the moist portion of the fabric.
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