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More About Chikankari Saree

Seven Innovative Saree Draping Techniques That Anyone Can Try


Styles for wearing saris have become very popular in recent years. Whether it be for saree days in college and high school, or even for weddings and festivities. Sarees may be worn in a variety of ways that can suit every lady. Women would wear a sari for practically every event, regardless of their age. Saree draping has therefore become a fashion trend to keep up with.


Isn't it great to see how versatile and beloved the Indian sari is by ladies all around the world? Here are some contemporary saree draping trends for next year to show off your attractiveness.


Beautiful Modern Saree Draping Styles in 7 Different Variations


You may create your own sense of style by fusing your individual preferences with the many saree styles. It's more important to drape a saree in a sophisticated, contemporary, or fashionable manner rather than getting the drape quite perfect. Sarees can be worn as is or with other clothing to give them a more fashionable appearance.


Make an Indian using a belt. for a trendy saree style, a sari


Combining a belt with a saree has been popular for around half a decade. However, it is still popular and isn't going away any time soon. Purchase some elegant broad leather or metal belts now. Style the saree with these belts to appear like Shilpa Shetty at a party or a South Indian wedding at a wedding.


There are several ways to embellish a saree with a belt. Try new things and let your personal style develop. Even wearing a cotton or pure linen saree with a belt can give it a more attractive appearance than doing it without.


The distinctive saree drapery techniques with palazzo


Instead of a petticoat, drape your saree over palazzo trousers. This is a really edgy design that suits women who like exquisite fashions nicely. The saree will look vary depending on the colour, style, and breadth of your Palazzo pants. To create a party-ready appearance, drape a flowing saree. Or go for a formal office appearance by donning a half-pant sari with palazzos. Here, the sari might be made of cotton or cotton silk.


Party-appropriate Saree Draping Styles with Dhoti Saree


Why not give the dhoti saree a try? Half-drape your saree over dhoti pants to wear. Or you could just drape a saree in the dhoti manner over your leggings to give it the dhoti saree appearance. There are many different ways to wear this look despite its simplicity. Pair a stylish shirt with it or go with a statement-making saree cloth.


Putting a saree over a lehenga choli


This is one look that has changed from the conventional south Indian bridal appearance to the contemporary bride appearance. wearing silk lehengas over thick silk sarees. The sari may be worn over the lehenga in a variety of ways once again. It's never too late to try this distinctive saree style, as we also know it's not a style that may make the least stylish look.


Modern Drape Saree in Bengali Style


This is a typical saree design from West Bengal. We adore how the women dress for Puja and weddings in their traditional garb of a white saree with a crimson border. Here are some additional methods to design a saree in the Bengali manner for a more contemporary appearance.


We have created a video of a silk saree cowl drape that mimics a look from a Bengali saree. Without the fundamental Bengali drape, achieving this style is simple. Below is a video showing how to drape a silk saree in modern Bengali style.


wearing a saree with a top or kurta


Women might simply do this to reflect their personal style. Try wearing your saree with a casual shirt if you enjoy doing so. Your party saree should have a Sheer stylish shirt blouse. Or you may easily pull off the saree with kurti drape look if you're wearing a kurta. You can match whatever style you choose together till it still looks good.


Consider wearing a trendy saree type jacket with a sari.


Wearing a jacket over a saree is appropriate not just for winter weddings, but also for a fashionable saree style. There are no rules for selecting jackets that go with your saree. Still effective are a well-cut blazer or a denim jacket with a few cuts.


Consider embellishing your Sari with an Indian-embroidered waistcoat jacket. It depends on how you maintain a basic yet attractive saree appearance. Add a long cape jacket with the same theme pattern to your saree to up the chic factor.


Two sarees or a dupatta for the half-saree look


You'll adore this one as well; wear your saree with a dupatta. Take any dupatta, such as a silk, velvet, or pashmina stole, to create a unique appearance with your sarees. It offers you a half-saree appearance and a double pallu look, which just adds eccentricity to a typical saree drape. For simple saree draping designs to try, we have written on how to dress a dupatta with a saree in three different ways.


As I previously mentioned, sari style options are never static. A saree can also be worn as a dress or a gown. It is also feasible to cut a length of a saree to wear as a half-dhoti drape or an Indo-western dress. A sari may be worn with a wide variety of items to create various looks.






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