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More About Chanderi Saree

Beautiful Chanderi Sarees


Chanderi sarees are extremely well-liked by saree wearers due to its unmatched refinement, sheer texture, and intricate designs. These sarees are named after the little town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh and are renowned for their transparent and light texture. These sarees are also known as woven air due to their lightness and translucent texture.


Chanderi sarees are highly distinctive because of the exquisitely decorated designs on the cloth. These motifs, which are handwoven onto the handloom using a specific sort of needle, are motivated by natural elements such as birds, flowers, fruits, celestial bodies, and geometric abstract designs. The buttis or motifs are made by the artists using zari made of gold, silver, or copper. These airy sarees are ideal for the summer. They may be worn to work and parties because of their pastel colours and soft gloss. Three different types of cloth are made using the Chanderi weaving method, which dates back a century: pure silk, Chanderi cotton, and Chanderi silk cotton.


Sarees in Chanderi Cotton and Silk


Cotton and silk are used to create chanderi cotton silk sarees. The softness of cotton and the sheen of silk are both provided by these sarees. These saris are perfect for pujas and summertime celebrations.


Chanderi Sarees


Chanderi silk sarees are a distinct brand in the local clothing market. The Mughal era saw an increase in the popularity of this material as women began to wear these royal silk sarees on important occasions. The Chanderi silk sarees' patterns are hand-woven by talented weavers. The foundation of chanderi silk is uneven. It comes in softer, more subdued tones. The Chanderi silk sarees are given a wonderful finishing touch by this.


Cotton Chanderi Sarees


Sarees made of chanderi cotton are incredibly light, affordable, and perfect for everyday use. A kaleidoscope of woven designs, zaris, sophisticated patterns, and geometric forms may be seen in sarees. The summertime is a perfect time to wear these sarees. The saree's light cotton material wicks away perspiration and keeps you feeling comfortable all day.


laundry advice


The shiny texture of chanderi is well recognised. Chanderi has an opulent air that evokes nobility. With the right maintenance and care, this beautiful drape's lifespan may be extended.


1. The majority of Chanderi just has to be dry cleaned. Therefore, it is preferable to continue dry cleaning Chanderi throughout the majority of its lifespan.


2. Use a light detergent and cold water to rinse your chanderi if you do need to wash it. Instead of vigorously rubbing the garment, rinse it softly.


3. In a shaded place, dry the cloth from the inside out.


4. Use a low to medium heat when ironing these distinctive items.


Cleaning instructions for a chanderi indigo saree


Indigo sarees must be cleaned separately since they bleed profusely.


It is advised to dry clean your first item. Soak the saree in salt water for at least 10 minutes before washing it again. Later, use a light detergent like Ezee to gently wash it in cold water. Sarees' colours may be retained by drying them in the shade as opposed to the sun.







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