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More About Bomkai Saree



Sarees instantly conjure up images of flamboyance, refinement, and nobility in our thoughts. Every Indian lady aspires to have at least one saree in her wardrobe because they give the wearer a regal appearance. Every style of saree, without a doubt, appears to be timeless and aims to make you look remarkable.


A regal Bomkai saree, however, is unquestionably a stylish choice that works for any occasion. Bomkai sarees have retained their popularity in the fashion world from antiquity. Even today, Bomkai sarees are popular for special occasions.

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The word "Bomkai" refers to the technique used to colour "Ikat." The Warp and Weft technique is used to create Bomkai sarees. According to the "Ikat" technique, the weaving process doesn't begin until the threads have been coloured. After that, the threads are put into a handloom. Threads that are inserted perpendicularly are referred to as "Tana" (Warp). Whereas "Bana" refers to the parallel threads that are introduced ( Weft).




The Sonepuri saree, also known as the Bomkai saree, is renowned for its understated style. The saree from Bomkai has a special position in Orissan tradition. The Bomkai saree's origins trace back to the 1980s, and the name comes from the Bomkai village. Bomkai sarees were once only worn by royalty and members of aristocratic society.


Furthermore, the 'Bhulia' group in Odisha was the first to create Bomkai sarees. Additionally, the Bhulia people used to export these sarees to other nations back in the day. Government organisations currently handle the marketing of Bomkai sarees.


Bomkai sarees are well-known for bringing good luck and showcase the state's rich heritage. Bomkai sarees often include fish designs because they represent prosperity and wealth. Additionally, a variety of themes and patterns depict mythology and historical mysteries. This saree's attractive thread work patterns on the pallu and borders are what give it its appeal.


A traditional weaving method known as the "Jala Technique" is used to create the bomkai saree. Orissan Bomkai sarees are often woven using the "tie and dye" technique. This saree is made of two materials that have contrasting colours: cotton and silk.


What patterns are seen in a BOMKAI saree?


On the palla and borders of the bomkai saree, there are several exceptional and distinctive patterns. For instance, the weavers of a Bomkai saree could incorporate motifs of tortoises, bitter gourds, fish, etc. Some of the Bomkai sarees include stunning border designs drawn from tribal artwork. The following are a few examples: floral, kumbha, rudraksha, etc.


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Silk Saree from Bomkai


The most outstanding outfit for an Odia Hindu wedding is a silk Bomkai saree. Without wearing a silk Bomkai saree, no event or wedding ceremony is complete. Every bride at an Odia wedding prefers to complement her outfit with a beautiful silk Bomkai saree since silk gives off a wealthy and regal appearance.


Odia brides would then accessorise this saree with vintage gold jewellery and a large circular bindi for a dignified appearance. In addition, brides adore wearing a jasmine gajra and bunning their hair.

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Saree in Bomkai Cotton


On the wearer, a cotton Bomkai saree seems understated. Any occasion or event you attend will look amazing with a Bomkai cotton saree embellished with the correct type of motifs.


A cotton Bomkai saree has stylish but alluring patterns and motifs that set it apart from other sarees. Additionally, if you enjoy wearing a light, comfy saree while looking elegant, this may be the ideal option for you.


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Bright yellow saree


The majority of Odia ladies don gorgeous, handmade Bomkai sarees with a maroon and yellow colour scheme. Some people think that the lucky colours maroon and yellow stand in for haldi and kumkum. As a result, this style of saree is ideal for religious occasions like weddings and haldi ceremonies.


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Saree Bomkai Pattu


Have you ever thought that rocking the event while wearing a saree is difficult and time-consuming? When it comes to a Bomkai pattu saree, you should not worry. Sarees made of bomkai pattu are lightweight and beautifully coloured. The gorgeous pallas and borders with a variety of artwork have a timeless appeal.


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