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More About Baluchari Saree

Tips for Accessorizing a Baluchari Silk Saree for Wedding Parties


Bong ladies are renowned for having large eyes and adhering to Antpoure customs. Bengali clothes and manner of life reflect the culture's enduring craftsmanship and elegance. The folds and borders of traditional Bengali sarees are covered in stories from the glorious past. A Baluchari silk saree is the only garment that can really capture the spirit of Bengal. Baluchari silk has played a significant role in fostering our sense of national pride thanks to its iconic patterns, plush texture, gloss, and shine.


This traditional saree has become a wedding "must have" throughout time for practically all Bengali traditional wedding ceremonies around the world. Whether it's the bride, the bride's mother-in-law, the bride's closest friend, or the bride herself during the Haldi or Bou Bhaat ceremony, at least one Baluchari silk saree is stealing the show. However, designing this lovely saree may completely alter the situation. Following are some styling suggestions for Baluchari silk sarees for wedding receptions. Read on.


Choose the Right Blouse


The fabric of the blouse you choose to wear with your saree has a significant impact on how the saree will appear on you. Picking the blouse for a Baluchari silk saree requires particular consideration. However, the blouse is optional because the saree makes a statement on its own. Using the blouse piece included with the saree is the simplest approach to select the ideal blouse for your Baluchari silk garment. Otherwise, if you want to try something new, you may certainly match a delicately coloured saree with a shirt in solid dark tones. Simple blouse patterns with Zari borders can effectively balance off the intricate embellishments on these sarees.


Purchase the Right Jewelry


The right jewellery can make or ruin a look, especially when wearing a saree. Bengali ladies frequently have a unique affection for traditional gold jewellery. Consequently, a statement gold necklace and a pair of Kaan Baalis are always appropriate. A maang teeka with gold bracelets might bring forth your inner mystic. However, you may update the style for a wedding celebration by wearing your conventional Baluchari silk saree with simple, sleek costume jewellery. Keep the jewellery as basic as possible while wearing a highly wrought Baluchari silk saree on special occasions. Never allow jewellery to overpower a saree's attractiveness.


Check your hair and makeup


When it comes to hair and makeup for a Baluchari silk saree look, the golden rule is to keep things simple. Picture the stunning Bengalis with their large eyes and bright bindis. If you have faith in this perfect mix, you are already stunning. In addition, you should be conscious of the fact that your makeup should enhance rather than compete with your saree. You may complete your look with a modest base, a touch of highlighter, dark coalesced eyes, and red lips. You may use hair brooches to create a traditional Jura or bun to further accentuate the saree.

To finish off the appearance, use a chic clutch bag and wear distinctive shoes. That is how you may instantly catch the invitees' attention by dressing up your favourite Baluchari silk saree for wedding events!





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