Southern India is well known for the state of the art jewellery design production and usage. The folks over here in this region are known to be the best among the nation for the preserving and to follow the cultural ethics. The people of south India are traditional and are god believers, and the jewellery is deeply rooted in their daily customs and rituals. The jewellery is considered as the status symbol among the people and theflaunting of which often relates to the success of the family. The ancient kings of south India were highly keen on wearing and collecting jewellery and various precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Among all the jewellery types, the gold is the most preferred jewellery metals in contrast with the other metal and available alloys. South Indian necklace set for women is considered as the most auspicious jewellery set for the brides to be worn on their wedding day owing to the heavy design and the royal look of the necklaces. These items are designed by the highly expert designers and jewellers who are working hard in order to design a unique piece for the wearer.


Here we will discuss some crucial aspects of south Indian jewellery:


  1. Lakshmi Haar

There are several types of necklaces available in the south Indian region of the nation. However, of all the trending and common necklace types, the Lakshmi haar is prominent for the ladies to wear at almost every occasion, be it a family gathering or a cultural event. The Lakshmi haar is a long stretched necklace usually made up of gold. The long-chain could be made up of the jewels which generally comprised of a golden heavy pendant that inculcates a fine figure of the goddess Luxmi surrounded by peacocks or elephants, and is studded with some precious stones.

The goddess Luxmi is often regarded as the goddess of wealth and prosperity and thus a cultural sentiment is as well associated with the wearing of the Lakshmi haar. Mainly, this haar is worn during the festival celebrations and during the other cultural functions. Also, for the bridal dress up, the Lakshmi haar is considered as the main staple in order to have a cultural and traditional wedding appearance. Also, there are times when this haar is made with the gold coins and those haars are known as the Lakshmi kasu mala. The main metal for the manufacturing of these necklaces is pure yellow gold.


  1. Mango Mala

The in-trend mango mala among the south Indian folks are also known as the mango haram. As south India has been popular about the discovery and the usage of the gems and jewellery since ages. The mostly used ornaments for the bridal makeups are been provided by the south Indian expert jewellers and the designers. Mango haram is one of the widely used ornaments for the bridal make up throughout the nation owing to the heavy design and the elegant appearance for the wedding day. Also, the royal look of the necklace obviously catches the eyes of the viewers all around, and assists in developing a personality that keeps the wearer out of the box among their peers. According to the name of the mala, the motifs of the necklace are designed in the shape of the mangoes which is the prime reason to develop a unique style of this necklace among all other available jewellery. 

However, this type of necklace could be worn in different sizes in accordance with the subjective choices of the wearer. The length usually varies from short, medium to the long length and in accordance with the type of dresses chosen by the bride. This type of necklace is generally made up of the 24-carat pure gold and could be decorated with the diamonds and other precious stones, which additionally makes it royal and elegant to be worn by the brides.


  1. Kasu Mala


The Kasu mala is one of the prominent cultural ornaments that is widely worn among the south Indian communities. The people over here in southern India are highly cultural and possess traditional ethics and values. Hence, they have attained their daily routine in such a way that the presence of traditional jewellery is always there. The Kasu mala is one of those necklaces which represent the traditional ethics of the south Indian people. This mala is made up of the god coins collectively joined in the form of the round necklace.







The Kasu in the Malayalam is known as the coin and the mala is known as the necklace, hence the Kasumala is the necklace made up of gold coins. The gold coins used in the formation of the kasu mala are of pure 24-carat gold that signifies the dignity of the Indian heritage. The kasu mala is widely used by the south Indian people for several occasions. From family gatherings to the cultural events, people are keen on wearing kasumalu owing to the phenomenal design and the elegant look. Also, there are brides who belong to the traditional families choose the elegant kasu mala as the jewellery for one of her wedding function merely because of the simplified and the phenomenal design of the necklace.


The south Indian jewellery possesses one of the widest jewellery ranges across the country that makes it popular among the Asian countries as well. The size, appearance and the density of the jewellery denote the royal rank of the families in south India. People tend to flaunt by the means of the voluminous collection of the jewellery that they have among their peers. South India also has a rich history in the designing of the gold jewellery, and therefore it is also termed as the Golden land of India. The above-discussed information was all about the symbolic jewellery of south India. One could as well refer it as the source of information that might help to decide the perfect south Indian jewellery match for the selected outfit for the brides on their wedding days.