The jewellery has been an integral part of human life since the time immemorial irrespective of the gender. The history is evident that both men and women have been curious after wearing respective trendy jewellery designs in order to build their rapport and to develop a unique image among peers. Of all the Indian communities, the south Indian zone of the nation is a paragon for the exceptional designing and the usage of renowned jewellery designs of the ages. South Indian jewellery possesses the only unique and phenomenal designs that represent the culture of the south Indian folks. The people of the south Indian region are as well curious about matching and wearing different jewellery designs according to the occasion. The uniquely designed jewellery worn by the celebrities of south India signifies the southern tradition of the nation.

The beauty and the overall importance of the south Indian jewellery in southern societies cannot be measured. Therefore South Indian jewellery set online is available in abundance for the folks all around the globe, those who want to wear the divine south Indian designed jewellery either for the wedding day or for the other occasions.  These types of jewellery are usually matched with the traditional outfits that enable the people in the area to represent their culture and tradition as a perfect example for the upcoming generations.


Let’s discuss some of the Artificial south Indian jewellery items that are highly popular among people:

  1. Mangalsutra

The Mangalsutra is one of the ornaments worn by the Indian married women who represent the marital chastity and the significance of the divine Indian society. It has been depicted by some experts that the Mangalsutra was originally originated in south India.  From the south Indian communities, the trend of the Mangalsutra has been travelled across the country in ancient times. In the southern part of the country, the Mangalsutra is known and used differently:

  • In Kerala:

In Kerala the Syrian Christian communities wear Minnu. It is pretty similar to the thaali, that is being worn in the amongTamils, apart from the change that it has a cross motif on it. The Hindu communities in south India called it as elaguthaali. The meaning of ela is the leaf and is comprised of the leaf imprinted on it that enables the folks to abide by the customs of their societies. The Muslim communities in Kerala wear thaali as well that signifies their unique tradition.

  • In Tamil:

Among the Tamil communities, the Mangalsutra is also known as the Thaali. However, the Mangalsutra is a sort of pendant which varies in design and types in various castes and sub-castes. Generally, it is either worn with the combination of a golden chain or in a simple thread dyed in a turmeric paste on the wedding day, which is also known as the ManjaKayiru. Apart from this trend, the Mangalsutra in the Tamil communities is also worn with the Nallapusalu, which is nothing but a simple black beaded chain.

  • In Telegu:

Whereas in the Telegu communities the Mangalsutra is known by various names such as mangalsutramu, pustelu and so forth. The designing of the Mangalsutra here is quite different from the other south Indian regions. The usage of some precious and semi-precious stones and corals could be seen in the manufacturing of the Mangalsutra. The traditional design of the pendant in the Telegu communities includes two discs or cup motifs which are made of pure yellow gold.

  1. Necklaces

It very obvious that marriage cosmetics and choosing the dress is one of the most difficult tasks to be cultivated for any wedding. Be that as it may, after such a significant number of alternatives accessible in the market and online stores, it is very evident to get confounded about the choice of the sufficient dress and the coordinating gems. Of the considerable number of things of gems, the accessory assumes a significant job in depicting the general look of the lady and an inappropriate determination of the jewellery may change the whole appearance of the lady.

Customary accessory set for ladies would, in general, be the best counterpart for wedding clothing because of its wonderful appearance. The lady of the hour ought to know about all the accessory kinds that would suit for her diverse wedding capacity clothing. Around the neck separated from the neckband, she could also evaluate some different extras that could round out the general appearance for the afternoon. Be that as it may, there are abundant of things for the general enhancement of the lady, yet accessory is considered as the best counterpart for the event.

  1. Earrings

While the earrings have been in fashion vogue in the design business for a drawn-out time, the earpieces have likewise made its place in the trendy assortment inferable from the few focal points related to these gems. The earrings generally look gorgeous when worn with the conventional outfits while going to any kind of social get-togethers.

The basic explanation behind the interest of the earpieces among other adornments types is that there is no compelling reason to have a piercing to wear some sort of earpieces. Truly, the facts demonstrate that a large variety of earpieces accessible in the market don't require puncturing. Additionally, the assortment of the ear sleeves accessible is colossal that you could pick an ideal shading and structure blend to be coordinated with any of your favoured clothing or as per the subjective decisions.


All in all, the overall diversity and the variety of south Indian jewellery is quite rich in contrast to the other jewellery types. The people here in these regions are highly into the trend of wearing expensive and designer jewellery in accordance with the type of occasion and the functions. The rich and royal designs are mainly framed in the yellow gold in order to provide the traditional appearance to the ornaments and to signifies the heritage of the nation.