Kundan jewelry (a traditional Indian jewelry otherwise called Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewelry) is composed of gemstones, with gold foils between the gemstones, creating elegant necklaces. It has numerous hues and plans on the opposite, then the Kundan itself lies in front. Kundan means 'exceptionally refined gold' since it is made of a refined form of unadulterated gold. Furthermore, it is known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri gems since it is known to have begun in the illustrious courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Also, the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan was the conventional place for the jewelry.

It is the most established type of gems worn in Indian so it consequently is famous and has various varieties. The Kundan jewelry was effectively reproduced by Rajasthan, Bihar, and the Punjab into silver which permitted it to in the long run become a typical gem with the regular man. 

It is as yet utilized till date and means a rich culture with a happy history. It is for the most part utilized for weddings and social displays.

It isn't just utilized as an image, yet at the same time has a serious degree of money related worth: in the year 2006, the Kundan jewelry together with American precious stone contributed generally in volume and incentive to the Indian adornments showcase. Is recorded to have summarized to be about 73% in volume. The way toward making the Kundan is isolated into six stages. In particular:

The skeletal casing is made called the Ghaat. 

The paadh procedure: wax is filled with the structure and etched by its example. 

The khudai procedure: jewels are painstakingly fit into the system. 

The Meenakari procedure: includes the demonstration of adding subtlety to the plan by enameling. 

Gold foils are additionally made to brace the diamonds into structure by being welded together. Also, this procedure is known as the pakai procedure. 

The last advance that creates the final product is the chillai procedure: by which the diamonds are cleaned. 

Making the Kundankari is so troublesome and entangled that it must be finished by a gathering of skilled workers. Each man has some expertise in satisfying one undertaking alone which is to complete just the progression that he is prepared to do. 

The chiterias make the fundamental plan, the jadiyas set the stones, the ghaarias complete the engravings, and the enameller does the enameling as well as the meenakari while the goldsmith does whatever has to do with the gold or the Kundan itself. 

Despite the fact that individuals will in general begin to look all starry eyed at the Kundan gems in view of the delightful gemstones on them, they have their notoriety due to their once in a while strong and unadulterated gold. It is presently a run of the mill gems utilized for marriage in Delhi, India and is clearly one of the best in world.Jewelry