The jewellery has been one of the ancient accessories used by the women and the men since the time immemorial. The most prominent aspect of the women jewellery is the necklace that covers the major part of the bridal decoration as well. Since the ancient time, there has been a diverse range of necklaces available in the country from gold necklaces to the necklaces made up of the rare stones and pearls. However, people nowadays are more into purchasing the essentials that are unique and enables them to stand out of the box in social gatherings. Thus, the choice of antique jewellery is inevitable in order to develop a unique personality at the cultural events among peers.

India has been a hub for the designing of traditional jewellery and people across the globe are highly inclined towards this trend owing to the best designs available and at the competitive pricing at the same time. Also, people look for the Antique Necklace set India owing to the unadulterated manufacturing of precious metals such as gold and diamond. The nation possesses a huge volume of proficient designers and the jewellers that are also a prime contributing factor in making the Indian jewellery popular across the globe.


Let’s discuss the few antique necklaces in brief to have a fair idea about the quality and the making of the antique necklaces:


  1. Antique gold necklaces

Gold is the most commonly used metal in the jewellery designing owing to the posh appearance and the medicinal benefits to the human body. Kings and queens from the early ages were fond of wearing gold jewellery in order to represent the heritage of their kingdom and to develop a royal appearance being belonging to the royal families. Therefore, gold is as well considered as the best metal to manufacture antique jewellery. There a myriad of designs available those is made especially for the brides to be worn on their wedding day.

People nowadays are highly inclining towards the antique necklaces made up of gold merely in order to be different and appealing among their counterparts. The concrete reason for this trend is the special and unique designing as compared to conventional golden jewellery. Apart from wearing on the wedding day for the brides, the antique gold jewellery is also an adequate option to be worn on the cultural events and the other wedding functions.



  1. Antique kundans necklaces and sets


The kundans are used in the designing of the jewellery since ancient times. Kundans are one of the rare and precious stones available in the Indian market for the manufacturing of trendy and appealing jewellery sets. The jewellery made by kundans has been originated in the state of Rajasthan in the early ages and gradually become popular worldwide owing to the phenomenal appearance of the necklaces made up of the kundans.

Kundans used for the making of jewellery could be of green, red or maroon in colour those are precious and rare stones. The kundans are generally matched with the gold jewellery to produce the exceptional looking royal necklaces. Antique kundans necklaces are considered to fulfil the overall dress up of the brides while providing them with a stunning look. Usually, the Kundanjewellery is handcrafted by a team or individual jeweller who possesses a profound knowledge of jewellery designing.  Undoubtedly a lot of hard work and the sincere craftsmanship is involved in the overall manufacturing of the Kundanjewellery.



  1. Antique necklaces made of Ruby


Ruby is generally considered as a gemstone that is precious and rare. Natural ruby exists in pink and red blood colour. These stones are highly used in the manufacturing of the antique jewellery for aspiring ladies. The Ruby is among the four best and rare stones which are found naturally. The four major natural occurring stones are diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby. Alike diamonds, the quality of the ruby stones are measured in accordance with the size, cut and clarity of each stone.

The value and the quality of the ruby stone lie in the darkness of its colour. Dark coloured stones are considered as the most precious and valuable among the group. A red colour that is likely the blood-red or the pigeon blood tends to be the most expensive in contrast to the other stones of the same quality. The dark colour of red rubies is classified as the best ruby stones. The light tones of purple, orange, however, are also available. The combination of these ruby stones with the yellow gold jewellery provides a phenomenal impact on the overall appearance of the wearer.





  1. Antique golden temple necklaces

 The temple jewellery has lately been in trend among the jewellery lovers. The people nowadays are wearing temple necklaces at almost every occasion be it a family gathering, wedding ceremonies or any cultural event. These necklaces are having a heavy look that makes it more appealing and most preferred form of antique jewellery for the god believers. The figures of goddess Luxmi and lord Krishna are mostly engraved on these necklaces which make them divine. As there is a spiritual belief attached to these necklaces, the designers and the craftsmen are especially taking good care for the precision and the overall quality of the necklace.

These necklaces are generally golden which are usually matched with the coloured chains to give an outstanding overall look to the neckpiece. The pricings of these necklaces are a little bit higher as a lot of hard work is involved in order to attain an exact image of the god or the goddess as demanded by the consumers because the customer satisfaction is always the key for a prominent sale statistics.


All in all, despite the availability of the trending and expensive metal jewellery in the market, people are into the pursuits of purchasing antique necklace sets to have a unique look among their peers. The jewellery lovers prefer these antique necklaces despite the higher pricings and a limited variety of designs merely due to the extraordinary appearance.