You never get a second chance of making an initial impact. Oh, what a real argument! The clothing you pick, the way you talk, the style of your hair and the kind of jewelry you wear make a statement about who you are. Jewellery is only one way people communicate with others. Have you ever wondered what your jewellery choice means about you?


An individual wearing large jewelry like large hoop earrings, thick dangling necklaces or lavish rings is likely to be an engaged, social, and bubbled individual. Typically at a gathering, they are the ones surrounded by groups of men. Their friendly and happy attitudes draw people to a magnet like metal filings.


Let’s explore some different jewellery personality types.


The Amusing One


A person who likes to wear big pieces like big hoop earrings, thick necklaces or lavish rings is likely to be an engaged, social, and bubbled person.

These people are also party life. You're definitely going to be cheerful and many like you, because you're just so nice.


The One Down To Earth


The Down-to-Earth One Do you gravitate towards earrings made from sea glass or driftwood necklaces and seashells? Perhaps you love those bracelets made from special elements such as recycled materials.

Unless that sounds like the jewellery you're wearing, you're most definitely a nature lover with a strong respect for the environment and enjoy being outdoors.


The Professional One


Ahh, the matching jewellery color-coordinated collections. Many that are clean, conscientious and organized prefer to wear such sets as a gold necklace and matching earrings or an elegant silver bracelet precisely matching the color of their shoes. It's no wonder that many professionals want to wear color-coordinated jewelry. Wearing a full collection of pearl jewelry shows someone that you are extremely worried about their thoughts, making you sometimes seek advice from others.


That Setting the Trends


You are a trendsetter if you have an admiration for antique jewellery and want to wear bold and exclusive items.

You love the fact that your jewellery comes with a story to tell and brand names don't mind too much. When it comes to jewellery, in your mind, it is more than just a message, it is an art form.




The Conventional


The diamond studs in Standard One Think and solitaire engagement rings. Everyone pretty much loves the look of timeless elegance, and if you like basic pieces that seem to go with everything, you also have traditional values.


Others can also find your classic taste in their clothing and furniture. These pieces of jewellery make you look beautifully balanced no matter what the case.


The Probably One


If you love luxury manufacturers brand name jewellery, you are a person who pays great attention to detail in all facets of life. You're never going to settle for second best and you're going to work hard to achieve your goals.


You enjoy making a comment and people appreciate both your high self-esteem and your respect for the finer things in life. Go ahead, and treat yourself.